The great crossing of the Alps - Courbevoie Triathlon

La grande traversée des Alpes - Courbevoie Triathlon

Between June 27 and July 4, 2020, part of the Courbevoie Triathlon completed the great crossing of the Alps by bike, from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean in Nice.

An adventure possible with the bags ROADBag Race from Buds-Sports, very practical for transport by train. We took the train from Gare de Lyon to Thonon-les-Bains, then back from Nice to Paris. Nothing to say, we appreciated the products and above all not dismantling the rear wheel is a real plus!!

A big congratulations to the whole team for this great adventure!

ROADBag Race

<tc>bag</tc> ROADBag Race bike

The bag transport ROADBag Race from Buds is the only bag bike in the world allowing the transport and storage of a road bike without remove the rear wheel.

In a few seconds your Bike is in the bag

Remove only the front wheel then store it in its dedicated independent bag: the WHEELBag Race, with central protection for the axle wheel and your bike is perfectly protected.
The transmission and particularly the rear derailleur, as well as the chainstays and stays are totally protected by keeping the rear wheel on the bike.
Removing the pedals is not necessary. You can protect them with the optional PEDALSProtect.


  • Removal of the front wheel only*
  • Front wheel well protected in its independent bag with central reinforcement (optional)
  • No tools required: Bike positioning helps maintain saddle height*
  • No risk of damaging the transmission
  • Fork protected with Fork Bike Protect (optional)
  • bag large capacity storage
  • Two solid and comfortable handles for carrying the bag on the shoulder

* check on the diagram below.

Dimensions <tc>bag</tc> ROADBag Buds-Sports bike
Dimensions bag ROADBag Buds-Sports bike


Optimal quality and extremely durable material: exterior PE600D and interior TPE lined for easy maintenance – unpadded

  • Dimensions of the unfolded bag: 153 x 85 x 25 cm
  • Dimensions of the folded bag: 40 x 34 x 11 cm
  • Manufacturer weight: 2300 g
  • Accessory provided: bag storage

Optional accessories:

  • bag wheel WHEELBag Race: €20 instead of €29.90 if purchased together with the bag
  • Fork Bike Protect (fork protection): €10 instead of €19.90 if purchased together with the bag
  • Universal bike support: €10 instead of €19.90 if purchased together with the bag


Compatible with all road bikes, gravel bikes, fixies and e-bikes


We attach great importance to respecting the environment, which is why our bags are designed only with 100% recyclable materials and with 0% PVC

Find the ROADBag Race on our site.

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