How to travel by train with your bike? All our advice and suitable bike bags

Comment voyager en train avec son vélo ? Tous nos conseils et les housses vélo adaptées

Whether you are preparing for a bike trip across France with train stops or you are a daily user of the bike-train to get to work , discover in this guide all our advice for choosing the bag train bike best suited to your use.

The bicycle train, an increasingly common use

By both being part of a responsible mobility approach, the bicycle and the train offer great complementarity. Taking the train with your bike has become extremely common in just a few years. Regular train users were able to see this. For leisure or for professional reasons, the bicycle and the train are complementary, provided, as we will see, that certain administrative and material rules are respected.

Instructions to know and follow

In fact, it is necessary to know the instructions, which vary depending on the company, so that your bike is accepted on board the train.

We will focus in this article on the conditions of travel with the SNCF, but be aware that each company displays the conditions of travel with a bicycle on its site. You will find useful links throughout this article.

Courbevoie Triathlon
Courbevoie Triathlon travel by train with Buds-Sports

Bike disassembled or not disassembled

Whatever train you take, the SNCF offers you the possibility of traveling with your bicycle (disassembled or not), for daily journeys, weekend getaways or vacations:

  • In OUIGO
  • By TER, Transilien and Intercités
  • In Europe

Traveling with the disassembled bicycle is by far the most common practice, and since we manufacture and sell bags bicycles :-), we will present to you the different solutions that exist for this option.

If you are transporting your folded or disassembled bicycle in a bag, your bicycle counts as hand luggage and must be placed in the luggage spaces. The bag must measure a maximum of 120x90cm.

<tc>bag</tc> Buds-Sports TRAINBag Original bicycle - SNCF dimensions

bag special train bike TRAINBag Original - 120 x 90 cm


All TGV INOUI trains offer the possibility of traveling free of charge and without reservation with your bicycle folded or dismantled and stored in a bag measuring 120 x 90 cm like the TRAINBag Original.


If you travel with OUIGO, the SNCF low-cost TGV offer, your bike must be stored in a bag with dimensions 120 x 90 cm, but unlike the TGV INOUI, you will be charged €5 for transporting your bicycle.

It is also specified that its weight must be less than 30 kg, that gives you some margin!

When booking your ticket you will need to add "additional or bulky baggage":

Additional or bulky baggage

Attention: the SNCF specifies that not all bicycles are accepted on board the TGV INOUI and OUIGO: recumbent bicycles, tandems, tricycles and all types of trailers are not not allowed.

TRAINBag Light Buds-Sports Lucie
Lucie's TRAINBag Light during her adventure on the Vélodyssée - photo @dodosoustente

TER, Transilien and Intercités Logo SNCF TER Transilien Intercités

The TER, Transiliens and Intercités are special cases given that it is not necessary for the bike to be dismantled to be able to board.
Some wagons have spaces dedicated to bicycles, easily identified thanks to pictograms on the doors and windows.

All types of bicycles are admitted with the exception of tandems, scooters and tricycles. Furthermore, the panniers must be removed and the trailers folded.

Attention: the transport of bicycles is prohibited on certain lines at certain times in the TER.
Ask the SNCF for information.

We invite you to consult your regional TER site to find out all the boarding arrangements.

In the Transiliens you can load your bike for free from Monday to Friday before 6:30 a.m., between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and after 7:30 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays also.
However, whatever the day or time, you will not be able to access the train with your bike in case of heavy traffic.

You will find all the practical details on the dedicated site: Traveling with your bike in Transilien

As for the Intercités, you should know that certain Intercités lines offer spaces for undisassembled bicycles, always within the limits of available places. In this case you will have to install your dear biclou in a dedicated space, clearly identified by a pictogram.
The price varies from 5 to 10€ per bike depending on the connections.

Here too you will find all the information on the SNCF website:

In Europe



Bikes are accepted on board Eurostar trains provided that they are stored in a bag space not exceeding 120 x 90 cm. The service costs €15. You will find all the information on the official Eurostar website.


On board Thalys, only folded or dismantled bicycles are accepted, always in a bag with maximum dimensions of 135 x 85 x 30 cm. Bicycle transport is not charged. We invite you to consult the Thalys website to prepare your trip.

TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria

On board the TGV Lyria, you can reserve a place for your bike for €10 when booking your ticket, at any SNCF or CFF point of sale.
More information on the TGV Lyria website.

Our advice for transporting a bicycle on a train

120 x 90 cm

If there was only one thing to remember it would be this :-) 120 x 90 cm, it's the key to taking your bike with you in any which SNCF train.
And that's good because we have developed the range of bags for TRAINBag bicycles, specially designed for the SNCF, perfectly suited to road and mountain bikes up to 29 inches! There are 4 of the TRAINBag and we present them in detail just below.


As far as possible, make sure to be early on the platform, so that you can calmly prepare your bikes, remove the panniers if necessary, and finalize the last details.

Try your new bag train bike at least once at home, to get used to dismantling the bike and possibly see what tools you may need for this.

Not all bicycles are allowed

Unfortunately the SNCF, as we saw in this article, does not accept all types of bicycles on its trains. Recumbent bikes, tandems, tricycles and scooters are not permitted. This is also the case for trailers.

Timetables and practical information

You will find online, on the sites and all the information you need to organize your train trip with your bike.

The bags TRAINBag from Buds-Sports

At Buds we love cycling and we have been confronted, certainly like you since you are reading this article,

TRAINBag Light

The TRAINBag Light is the bag ultra-light (1 kg) and compact (barely larger than 'a water container), ideal for your bikepacking trips. It will easily find its place on your bike or in a backpack when traveling.

<tc>bag</tc> TRAINBag Light bike from Buds
TRAINBag Light from Buds-Sports

TRAINBag Original

The classic model, with integrated pockets for storing the wheels. The TRAINBag Original is made of PE600D, an extremely resistant material.

TRAINBag Original from Buds-Sports


The TRAINBag Race is the most versatile bag with its bags of independent wheels. It can be used alone for maximum simplicity and lightness or with its accessories for optimal protection. Its PE600D fabric is completed by an TPE interior induction, resistant to abrasion and easily washable.

<tc>bag</tc> TRAINBag Race bike from Buds
TRAINBag Race from Buds-Sports

TRAINBag Travel

The TRAINBag Travel is the padded bag of the range. Designed to withstand the worst treatment, you can count on it to keep your bike in perfect condition until the ends of the earth. It has two interior pockets, also padded, to store the wheels.

TRAINBag Travel from Buds-Sports

Accessories for bags of bicycles

All bags in the TRAINBag range are offered with clever and universal accessories allowing optimal protection for your bike. These are the fork protection Fork Bike Protect, the Universal Support, the PEDALSProtect and wheel bags WHEELBag Race.

Protège fourche Fork Bike Protect de Buds

Fork Bike Protect

The universal fork protection, an essential complement to the TRAINBag

Support vélo universel - Universal Bike Support de Buds

Universal Support

The Universal Support to protect the transmission by isolating the rear derailleur from the ground and preventing the bike from resting on the large chainring.

Protection de pédales vélo PEDALSProtect de Buds-Sports


Adapted to all types of pedals, flat and automatic, the PEDALSProtect protects your bag from snags caused by the pedals.

<tc>bag</tc> WHEELBag Race mtb wheel from Buds


The bag perfect wheel for the TRAINBag Race, in PE600D lined with TPE

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