Traveling by train with your bike

Voyager en train avec son vélo

Traveling by train with your bike is increasingly common, for professional reasons or for leisure. These two modes of transport are completely complementary and part of a responsible mobility approach. The companies have understood this well and all offer solutions, more or less practical or restrictive, for taking your bike with you.

In this article we will see how this works with the SNCF but be aware that all companies display all the details concerning the transport of bicycles on their websites.

Here is what it says on the SNCF website:

SNCF Train Vélo

The golden rule: a bicycle disassembled and stored in a specific bag with maximum dimensions of 120x90 cm (85x85 for Eurostar) is considered hand luggage. It does not require no reservation, and it does not incur any additional costs (except with Ouigo: additional baggage option).
Considered as hand luggage, the bicycle under bag must be labeled and must not exceed the maximum authorized dimensions: 120 cm in height by 90 cm in width.

It is therefore essential that the bike is dismantled and stored in a bag box of 120 x 90 cm maximum so as not to incur additional costs.

Based on the observation that there was no truly satisfactory solution for transporting bicycles on the train, we decided to create the first complete range of bags for bicycles specifically adapted to train travel.

This is the TRAINBAg range, made up of 4 models, all compatible with road bikes and mountain bikes, perfectly adapted to 29" and meeting everyone has specific needs:

TRAINBag Light

The TRAINBag Light is the bag ultra-light (1 kg) and compact (barely larger than a water bottle), ideal for your travels in bikepacking. It will easily find its place on your bike or in a backpack when traveling.

<tc>bag</tc> TRAINBag Light bike from Buds
TRAINBag Light from Buds-Sports

Link to bag on our site:

TRAINBag Original

The classic model, with integrated pockets for storing the wheels. The TRAINBag Original is made of PE600D, an extremely resistant material.

TRAINBag Original from Buds-Sports

Link to bag on our site:


The TRAINBag Race is the most versatile bag with its bags of independent wheels. It can be used alone for maximum simplicity and lightness or with its accessories for optimal protection. Its PE600D fabric has a TPE interior induction, resistant to abrasion and easily washable.

<tc>bag</tc> TRAINBag Race bike from Buds
TRAINBag Race from Buds-Sports

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TRAINBag Travel

The TRAINBag Travel is the padded bag of the range. Designed to withstand the worst treatment, you can count on it to keep your bike in perfect condition until the ends of the earth.

TRAINBag Travel from Buds-Sports

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All bags in the TRAINBag range are offered with clever and universal accessories allowing optimal protection for your bike. These are the fork protector Fork Bike Protect, the Universal Support and the bagwheels WHEELBag Race.

Protège fourche Fork Bike Protect de Buds

Fork Bike Protect

The universal fork protection, an essential complement to the TRAINBag

Support vélo universel - Universal Bike Support de Buds

Universal Support

The universal support to protect the transmission by isolating the rear derailleur from the ground and preventing the bike from resting on the large chainring.

<tc>bag</tc> WHEELBag Race mtb wheel from Buds


The bag perfect wheel for the TRAINBag Race, in PE600D lined with TPE

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