Which bag to choose for your bikepacking or cycle touring trip?

Quelle housse choisir pour votre voyage en bikepacking ou en cyclotourisme ?

Bikepacking or cycle touring, only bring what is strictly necessary.

Travel light without taking up too much space with our bags from the Light range!

But then which bag should you choose for your bikepacking or cycle touring trip?

At Buds, we offer you a range optimized for these two practices, in three variations:

  • By removing both wheels:
    The TRAINBag Light, a bag respecting the SNCF standard (120 x 90 cm)
  • By keeping the rear wheel on the bike (a Buds exclusive):
    The ROADBag Light (for road bikes) and the MTBag Light (for mountain bikes and large road bikes)

The Light range from Buds-Sports is designed specifically for bikepacking and cycle touring travel.

The bags of the Light range are ultra light, compactand easy to store in a bag or backpack. They take up very little space and weigh less than a kilogram, between 790g and 890g depending on the model.

If you are planning a trip by train on your journey, know that it is important to respect the standards imposed by the SNCF. You can travel with your bicycle at no additional cost if it is stored in a transport bag that does not exceed 120 x 90 cm. In this case, the TRAINBag Light is the bag you need must.

MTBag Light
The ROADBag Light and the MTBag Light are designed with the same particularity: allowing the retention of the rear wheel on the bike, a Buds exclusive. Handling is thus reduced and the transmission is isolated from the ground. It
only takes a few seconds to store your bike in the bag!
If your bike is equipped with a luggage rack, choose a ROADBag or an MTBag Light.

A range compatible with all bikes: MTB, Road, Gravel, Fixie, City

There is bound to be a model from the Light range that will suit your road, mountain bike or gravel bike.

Optional accessories for total protection

To complete the protection of your bike, we have developed a range of universal accessories : a fork protection (Fork Bike Protect), a universal bicycle support, pair of protections for pedals (Pedals Protect), a frame protection (FRAMEProtect) and mountain bike handlebar protection (HANDLEBAR Protect)

Support universel, protection de fourche et paire de protections pédales

  • The universal support is highly recommended when you buy a TRAINBag Light It isolates the transmission from the ground once both wheels are removed and it prevents the bag from being damaged by the crankset.
  • The fork protection will effectively protect your fork from impacts and will also prevent damage to the bag with protruding elements.
  • The pair of protections for pedals will be particularly useful for pedals with pins by protecting your bag from the risks of tear.

Protection de cadre et protection guidon

The universal mount and fork guard feature adjustable straps that allow them to be easily and securely attached to your bike's frame or rack. So they don't take up space in your luggage.

Comparison table for the bags Light range:

TRAINBag Light

MTBag Light

ROADBag Light

  • Two wheels removed
  • Requires universal support and
  • Requires fork protection
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra compact
  • Road and MTB compatible
  • Rear wheel retained
  • Requires fork protection
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra compact
  • Large MTB and road bike compatible
  • Rear wheel retained
  • Requires fork protection
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra compact
  • Road, Gravel and children's bike compatible

The Buds team is at your disposal to help you make the best choice of bag and accessories for your trip!

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Dany from Team Buds

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