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Your ultimate guide to choosing the right bike travel bag for your needs

Your ultimate guide to choosing the right bike travel bag for your needs

Ready to embark on your next biking adventure but unsure of the ideal carrying bag for your bike? Look no further! At Buds-Sports, we've got everything you need to make the right choice.

Understanding Your Needs

Choosing the perfect carry bag starts with understanding your unique needs. Take into account factors such as the type of transport you'll be using, the type of bike and your personal preferences (wheels, padding...).

Type of Transport

Whether you're going hiking, on the road or flying, Buds-Sports offers solutions to suit every trip.

  • For Hiking and Covering: Discover our "LIGHT" range. These lightweight bags fit easily into your backpack, offering quick and convenient storage by simply removing the Front wheel.

  • For ground transportation: Explore our "ORIGINAL" range. Made from durable materials with 5 mm padding, these bags offer excellent protection for your bike during handling and transportation.

  • For Air Travel: Discover our "TRAVEL" and "PRO" ranges. Designed for maximum durability with 13 mm foam padding on each side, these bags offer superior protection for your bike during air travel.

Keep or Remove the wheel Rear

Say goodbye to the hassle of rear wheel removal with innovative carry bags from Buds-Sports. Enjoy greater bike stability and faster packing/unpacking with bags that keep the rear wheel intact. This feature not only ensures better support for your bike during transport, but also simplifies the packing process.

  • For MTB enthusiasts: Explore our "MTBAG" collection specially designed for your off-road adventures.
  • For road bike enthusiasts: Don't miss our "ROADBAG" collection designed to meet the specific needs of road cyclists.

Why Choose Buds-Sports?

With a commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, Buds-Sports is your trusted partner for all your bicycle carrying bag needs. Our products are designed with maximum attention to detail, ensuring optimum protection and convenience for every journey.


Don't let the complexities of choosing a bike carrying bag get in the way of your next adventure. With Buds-Sports, finding the perfect solution is as easy as riding a bike. Explore our product range today and discover the ultimate in convenience, protection and peace of mind for your cycling travels.

So why wait? Choose Buds-Sports for your next cycling adventure and elevate your travel experience to new heights.

Since 2015, Buds-Sports has become the leading specialist in the bicycle carrier bag segment in Europe and is now present in the United States. Our innovative products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide, and we support the best professional and amateur teams.

Set off on your cycling adventures and explore the world with Buds-Sports.

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