Flying with your bike, how much does it cost?

Prendre l'avion avec son vélo, combien ça coûte ?
Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance has just unveiled an infographic that compares what major European airlines charge to transport your bike. The insurance company relied on an economy class ticket. We learn that the cheapest package is that of Monarch , at 30 € but on some flights it will cost you nothing with British Airways , Swiss Air and Tap . The prize for the most expensive package goes to Air Berlin with prices ranging between 70 and 165 €. Most companies limit the weight to 32 kg. With Thomas Cook , Ryanair and Monarch it will be necessary to be satisfied with 30 kg and only 25 kg for Norwegian and 23 km for Aer Lingus . Full infographic: [caption id="attachment_3667" align="alignnone" width="1458"] Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Infographic Infographic Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance[/caption]

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