Easy maintenance bags with bagseparate wheel(s)

compatible with all types of bikes

The bags of the Race range (unpadded), for road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes have an interior TPE coating facilitating maintenance and reinforcing the solidity. They are used with one or more bags of wheels WHEELBag Race (with central reinforcement) offered as a complement.

bags Compatible with road and mountain bikes, muscle and electric bikes

The Race range is available in three models:

  • the ROADBag Race and the MTBag Race, respectively for road bike and mountain bike, which do not require the dismantling of the rear wheel and which are used with the wheel bag WHEELBag Race to protect the front wheel.
  • the TRAINBag Race, compatible with all types of bicycles, requiring the removal of both wheels and whose dimensions respect the SNCF standard (120 x 90 cm).

Each bag has large handles which allow easy carrying on the shoulder. They all come with a carrying pocket.