bags padded with rigid bottom and casters

compatible with all types of bikes

The bags of the Pro range, for road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes have offset castors and a rigid bottom, they are ideal for air travel. Their foam padding allows them to resist the worst treatments.

bags Compatible with road and mountain bikes, muscle and electric bikes

The Pro range is available in two models:

  • the RMTBag Pro, the only bag mixed bike in the world, with wheels, allowing the travel, transport and storage of a road bike or mountain bike (even electric) without removing the rear wheel.
  • the ROLLBag Pro, requiring the disassembly of both wheels, has been designed to transport all types of bicycles by car, train or plane. Rigid bottom, offset casters, ergonomic handles, reinforced zips and many reinforcements make ROLLBag Pro the ultimate bike transport and travel bag.

Each bag has large handles which allow easy carrying on the shoulder. They all come with a carrying pocket.