Covers for all types of bicycles by removing the two wheels

29" compatible, 650B, 700/45 maxi

Protection, transport or travel, there is necessarily a Buds-Sports bike cover adapted to your use and your road bike or mountain bike.

We have developed a range of compact covers, compatible with all types of bicycles, requiring the removal of the two wheels: the TRAINBag ( Light , Original , Race and Travel ) - whose dimensions comply with SNCF recommendations -, the TRAVELBag - fully padded - and the new ROLLBag Pro - designed for transport by plane - which will allow you to travel with peace of mind.

Original accessories to complete the protection

To perfect the protection of your bike, we have developed a series of accessories that are perfectly compatible with bike covers: wheel covers WHEELBag , fork protection Fork Bike Protect , Universal support , frame protection FRAMEProtect , handlebar protection HANDLEBARProtect and pedal protection PEDALSProtect .