<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro
<tc>bag</tc> padded bike RMTBag Pro

bag padded bike RMTBag Pro

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bag transport/travel for road bike and RMTBag Pro mountain bike without removing the rear wheel, fully padded with offset casters

29″ compatible

If you are already a user of a bag bicycle or a bag mountain bike, you know how painful it is to remove the rear wheel of the bicycle each time you use it: handling can be tedious and messy and the derailleur becomes exposed. These considerations must be taken seriously into account so as not to regret it during use.
To complete the protection of your bike, we have developed a range of universal accessories: wheel bags, a fork protector and a support universal bike.

Usage: plane/car/hotel etc.

This bag RMTBag Pro travel is intended for all uses thanks to its maximum protection, its ease of use and its large storage capacity: designed for bicycle transport in a hotel, car or bus, it can also be used for long-distance plane trips1!

A revolutionary bag bike

The new bag bike transport RMTBag Pro lined with ATILON 8/10 mm foam from Buds is the only bag mixed bike in the world, with wheels, allowing the travel, transport and storage of a road bike or of a mountain bike (even electric) without removing the rear wheel*.

The bag is padded with 8/10 mm ATILON foam throughout for complete and optimal protection. Preserving the rear wheel guarantees total protection of the rear of the bike while the fork protector Fork Bike Protect guarantees protection of the front by complement the padded lining.

The front wheel is fully protected by a bag dedicated independent, the WHEELBag Travel (included) also padded with 10 mm of EPE foam so as not to damage the frame during travel.

In a few seconds your bike is in the bag

Remove only the front wheel then store it in its dedicated independent bag: the WHEELBag Travel with 10mm padding across the entire surface and simply place your bike in the bag. Close, it's done!

The transmission and particularly the rear derailleur, as well as the chainstays and stays, are totally protected by keeping the rear wheel on the bike.

Disassembly of the pedals is not necessary. You can protect them with the PEDALSProtect, offered as an option.

Convenient travel with maximum protection for your road bike or mountain bike

Thanks to the offset wheels you maintain real lateral stability when you roll the bag. 4 solid, ergonomic handles make it easy to carry the bag, alone or in pairs.

It is a bag particularly appreciated for the transport and protection of an electric bike in all circumstances.

Remove the front wheel, turn the handlebars 90° and that's it! *

For a mountain bike it will probably be necessary to slide the handlebars by loosening the stem, as shown in the photos.

Please note: this is a “large volume” bag which requires a suitable vehicle for transport.

1 For air travel, check with the airline for the maximum authorized volume (dimensions of the bag: 155 x 90 x 26 cm )


  • bag perfectly suited for electric bikes (Road and MTB)
  • Excellent protection thanks to a lining in high density foam with shape recovery in ATILON 8/10 mm
  • Removal of the front wheel only Front wheel well protected in its independent padded bag (included)
  • Conservation of the handlebar/handlebar on your road bike/MTB(Attention: on mountain bikes it may be necessary to slide the handlebar into the stem depending on its width)
  • No tools required: positioning of the bike maintains saddle height*
  • No risk of damaging the transmission
  • Fork protected with Fork Bike Protect(included)
  • bag large capacity storage (80 x 40 x 16 cm)
  • Offset wheels for better lateral support and to avoid carrying the bike on the shoulder, especially electric and/or large bikes (with mudguards, etc.)
  • Two solid and comfortable handles for carrying the bag on the shoulder
  • bag large capacity – pay attention to dimensions


  • Optimal quality and extremely resistant material: PE600D and ATILON 8/10 mm foam padding
  • Dimensions of the unfolded bag: 155 x 90 x 26 cm
  • Dimensions of the folded bag : 155 x 40 x 32 cm
  • Manufacturer weight (options included): 7800 g

Accessories provided:

  • Fork Bike Protect (fork protection)
  • WHEELBag Travel (padded wheel bag)
  • bag storage

Optional accessories:


  • Compatible with all bikes: MTB and E-MTB (26/27.5/27.5+/29), road bike, gravel, fixie, city and VAE
  • Maximum length: 160 cm | Maximum height: 90 cm (See diagram below)


We attach great importance to respecting the environment, which is why our bags are designed only with 100% recyclable materials and with 0% PVC

<tc>bag</tc>s Buds-Sports bike - 100% recyclable materials

Plusieurs options de livraison vous sont proposées, à domicile, en relais colis et même sur votre lieu de travail !

La livraison en relais colis est gratuite à partir de 150€ d'achat.

Les commandes passées avant midi peuvent être livrées dès le lendemain (hors weekend et jours fériés) en choisissant l'option Chronopost

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
bag valid transport for the plane

I ordered this bag to be able to take my bike on a trip. I couldn't see myself carrying it on my shoulder.

The bag is large and sturdy with thick padding. The bike sits well in the bag with the wheels on the sides.

The fork protector is practical, easy to place and strap on the fork.
The Wheelbag is padded and practical for storing the front wheel.

It's a good bag transport with a justified price.


Great product for two bikes in size M. The road bike fits without touching anything. For the 29 inch mountain bike, I just need to loosen the stem to slide the handlebars a little. The fork and pedal protection are also very practical to protect against friction. And it's still great not to remove the rear wheel!


A very beautiful bag, solid and practical. It is quite large but I fit my 29" electric in size L without problem and the wheels are really practical to avoid carrying it on the shoulder.

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