BIKEProtect Cover, the brand new Buds cover

BIKEProtect Cover, la toute nouvelle housse Buds

Discover the BIKEProtect Cover, the new simple and solid transport cover for your road bike or mountain bike.

A simple and solid cover for your road bike or mountain bike

The new BIKEProtect Cover bike protection and transport cover from Buds is suitable for all your trips by bus or car and especially if you already have wheel covers.

This is an extra carrying case whose large size ( 134 x 90 x 26 cm ) makes it very versatile for transporting all types of road bikes and mountain bikes. Thanks to its two solid handles you can carry it easily on the shoulder.

The BIKEProtect Cover is the perfect complement to the protection for BIKEProtect Universal bike covers, which will make it a perfectly suitable bike cover for air transport.

Deliberately designed as a basic cover, the protection of the BIKEProtect Cover can be supplemented with cardboard or foam, for example.

Advantages :

  • A large, versatile cover suitable for all road and mountain bikes on the market*
  • Possibility of transforming the BIKEProtect Cover into a padded cover with the BIKEProtect Universal
  • Large capacity storage bag
  • Two solid and comfortable handles for carrying the bag on the shoulder

Find the BIKEProtect Cover on our website.

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