Our ambassador Emmanuel Trinité will take part in the TRANSPORTUGAL Race this year.

Emmanuel Trinity

The TRANSPORTUGAL Race is an 8-stage mountain bike race that crosses Portugal from north to south, from Chaves to Sagres, and will be held from May 8 to 16, 2021. It is a race that has existed since 2002. On the program: more than 900 km and 16,000 m of vertical drop in self-sufficiency with GPS guidance.
A very demanding race for which the endurance but also the resistance and the mind will be put to the test!

Here is the detail of the steps commented by Emmanuel:

  • Stage 1: 110 km for 1732 m of elevation gain
    "A beginning of the course in technical parts with a few bumps afterwards 😁 then the last 40 km will be downhill"

  • Stage 2: 91 km for 2665 m of D+
    "The shortest but one of the hardest. With 17 km of climbing to warm up from the start of this second day ✊"

  • Stage 3: 97 km for 2958 m of D+
    "This stage is the one with the most altitude difference, 2958 m. We will climb the Serra d'Estrela mountains."

  • Stage 4: 85 km for 1336 m of D+
    "We consider this stage as a day of rest or almost, we will still have to pedal (a little)"

  • Stage 5: 190 km for 2067 m of D+
    "The longest stage of the race. You will have to provide the necessary food and hydration..."

  • Stage 6: 101 km for 892 m of D+
    "This stage will be rather hilly after the Queen stage the day before. You will just have to turn your legs 😆"

  • Stage 7: 134 km for 2325 m of D+
    "The penultimate there will still be a few bumps before you see the beach…"

  • Stage 8: 94 km for 1496 m of D+
    "The last one will only have to cross the final line..."

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To follow Emmanuel:

If the adventure tempts you, you will find all the information on the official website of the race: trans-portugal.com

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