Road and mountain bike protection accessories kit

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This Bike protection kit from Road and mountain bike includes the FORK BIKE PROECT fork protection, the UNIVERSAL BICYCLE SUPPORT and the pair of protection pedals PEDALS PROTECT.

The FORK BIKE PROECT offers effective protection for the fork of your bike when it is stored in A transport bag. It easily adapts to all types of forks (rigid or suspended, road or MTB, disc or pad brakes).

The UNIVERSAL BICYCLE SUPPORT prevents your bike from being in direct contact with the ground and keeps it upright while protecting the largest chainring and your derailleur. Compatible with all bikes from Road and mountain bike, it can be installed in a few seconds under the bottom bracket using two clips.

The pair of pedal protections PEDALS PROTECT adapts to all types of pedals, flat and automatic in a few seconds. It is an essential accessory to avoid damage to your Transport bag and its environment.