Covers for all types of mountain bikes / eMTBs keeping the rear wheel or removing both wheels

29" compatible

We offer three ranges of covers specially designed for the protection and transport of your MTB and e-MTB:

  • The MTBag series (Light, Original, Race and Travel) and the RMTBag Pro (with hard bottom and offset wheels) which do not require removing the rear wheel (Buds-Sports exclusive). So your mountain bike is stored in a few seconds, you don't get dirty, and above all the transmission is protected.
  • A series of compact covers, requiring the removal of the two wheels: the TRAINBag (Light, Original, Race and Travel), the dimensions of which comply with SNCF recommendations, the TRAVELBag, fully padded and the new ROLLBag Pro, designed for transport by plane.
  • The Bike Sock Cover, an expandable protective cover, available in two sizes and four colors, easily adaptable to any Road Bike or MTB, designed to effectively protect your interior.

Original accessories to complete the protection

To perfect the protection of your bike, we have developed a series of accessories that are perfectly compatible with bike covers: wheel covers WHEELBag, fork protection Fork Bike Protect , Universal Support, frame protection FRAMEProtect, handlebar protection HANDLEBARProtect and pedal protection PEDALSProtect.