Benefits - RMTBAG PRO

Bag perfectly suited for electric bikes (Road and MTB) No tools required: positioning of the bike helps maintain saddle height*
Excellent protection thanks to a lining in high density foam with shape recovery in 8/10 mm No risk of damaging the transmission
Removal of the front wheel only Front wheel well protected in its independent padded Bag (included) Fork protected with the Fork Bike Protect fork protector (included)
Conservation of the handlebar/handlebar on your road bike/MTB(Attention: on mountain bikes it may be necessary to slide the handlebar into the stem depending on its width) Bag large capacity storage (80 x 40 x 16 cm)
Offset casters for better lateral support and to avoid carrying the bike on the shoulder, particularly electric bikes and/or large formats (with mudguards, etc.)
    4 solid and ergonomic handles make it easier to carry the Bag