MTB covers for all situations

Des housses VTT pour toutes les situations

Whether it's for traveling to the other side of the planet or simply to avoid dirtying your car after an outing, there is bound to be a cover in our range of mountain bike covers that is perfectly suited to your use.

Buds MTBag Pro mtb bag

The MTBag series ( Light , Original , Race , Pro and Travel ) does not require the rear wheel to be removed. So your mountain bike is stored in a few seconds, you don't get dirty, and above all the transmission is protected. Large handles allow the cover to be carried comfortably on the shoulder.

At the same time, we have developed a range of more compact covers, requiring the removal of the two wheels, which will allow you to travel with peace of mind:

  • The TRAINBag , whose dimensions comply with SNCF recommendations
  • The fully padded TRAVELBag
  • The ROLLBag , cut for transport by plane

A series of accessories perfectly compatible with the covers complete our offer:

  • The Fork Bike Protect , a fork protection compatible with all types of forks
  • The Universal Bike Support , the perfect complement to classic covers (TRAINBag and TRAVELBag) to isolate and protect the mountain bike drivetrain

We also offer a range of wheel covers, compatible with all standards, up to 29+: WHEELBag Race , WHEELBag Pro , WHEELBag Travel and WHEELBag Double .

Discover the range in detail on our site and take advantage of a 5% discount for your first order with the code BUDS5.

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