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Travel with your bike

Travel bags adapted to your needs

Air Travel ?

Travel bags fully padded bike carriers that meet the obligations set by airlines.

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Train Travel ?

Bike transport bags resistant and compact, adapted to the SNCF standard and the regulations of European railway companies.

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Bus/Car Travel ?

Travel bags resistant and compact bicycle transport, suitable for various transport such as car or bus.

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Increased security and considerable time savings

<tc>Buds-Sports</tc> is a brand specializing in <tc>Travel bags</tc> and bicycle transport accessories for almost 10 years. We are committed to providing quality <tc>Travel bags</tc> products suited to all needs. But what sets us apart above all is our exclusivity in offering transport <tc>Travel bags</tc>s that do not require dismantling the rear <tc>wheel</tc>. Only at <tc>Buds-Sports</tc>
Keep or remove the rear wheel
Innovation <tc>Buds-Sports</tc>

Keeping the wheel rear when transporting your bike brings considerable benefits. This allows for better stability and therefore more safety, but also faster and easier packing/unpacking.

By enthusiasts for enthusiasts
<tc>Bike Travel Bags</tc> <tc>Buds-sports</tc>

Praised by professionals, magazines and users, the high-end Bike travel bags of Road and mountain bike of Buds-Sports were designed by practitioners in the field and are now unanimously approved.

A train journey?